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Dietética y Nutrición Málaga


Dietetics and nutrition are two of the most important health factors among the population, overweight and specially obesity (excess of body fat) reduce life expectancy amongst people who suffer these problems as it may cause hypertension, diabetes, an increase of cholesterol, uric acid, among others.

You should know:

In order to get a correct evaluation of the patient, it is essential to have a blood test, to check body fat, the amount of water in your body, body mass and basal metabolism through a impedanciometer. The food intolerance analysis is also a very useful when it comes to deciding on the type of diet for the patient.


A correct food education and new eating habits in children between 8-15 are essential, especially with those who exceed the ideal BMI, having either overweight or even obesity. There are specific diets available which are used and are easily accepted by them.

In our clinic we have various treatments and specific diets to lose weight for those adults or women which have just given birth and want to get back into shape.


In the second half of a person’s life it is very difficult to keep in shape without reducing the food intake as our body changes. In our clinic we not only reduce the excess of weight and keep control of it, but also we provide patients with specific treatments that help them to get rid of the localized fat (central or abdominal adiposity) and to get back in shape.


Obesity can be caused by different reasons, and its treatment should be multifactorial too, taking into account the specific diet according to the patients medical history – metabolic – food; as well as their professional and physical activity.


We offer a personalized treatment with a diagnostic study: Our specialists will carry out a complete history on your health, habits, physical activity, food likes, etc. With the results our experts will create a suitable diet for each patient and always under the control of qualified medical control, all to reach the goal of your healthy, safe and controlled weight loss.


Any of these diets can be also complement techniques like plastic surgery: liposuction, abdominoplasty or intragastric balloon, this last one consists in a device created to ease weight loss for patients with obesity, it decreases the hunger feeling and feeling full too soon when eating. With these two effects it is easier to carry out a suitable diet, change dietetic habits and the exercises needed not only to lose weight, but also to be able to carry it out in the upcoming months.


Intragastric ball

The intragastric ball BIG is a balloon, soft and made out of silicone, which you introduce in the stomach through the mouth, via endoscope. For this, it is not surgical procedure. The intragastric ball is introduced deflated and when it is in the stomach it is filled with a sterile saline solution, dyed with blue methylene. This procedure is carried out with sedation and not general anesthesia, without pain.

The intragastric ball makes you feel satisfied, which reduces the need to eat, while you follow a weight loss program with medical and dietician assistance. Think of it like bicycle training wheels, which without them you learning how to ride a bike can be a slow and hard process. With the help of your ”own formation tool” the intragastric ball will help you modify your body in a safe and effective way, improving your health and your quality of life.


The introduction of the intragastric ball takes about 20 minutes and the patient can go home 2 or 3 hours later.


The intragastric ball remains in your stomach around 6 months. After this period it should be removed. The removal of the ball will be done in the same way as it was placed, and done by a specialist.

Who can benefit themselves from this?

The purpose of the BIG system is to help people who are overweight to lose at least 40% of their body fat, or what is like 20-25kg. Also, the BIG system can be particularly useful for people considered to be overweight or with risks of having serious surgical procedures. The use of this system is to lose weight before entering an operation to lower the risks associated to the procedure.

How much weight will you lose with BIG?

The appropriate rhythm to lose weight in any kind of obesity treatments should be around 1kg a week. The weight loss will depend on different factors such as the amount of time the intragastric ball is in the stomach (6 months maximum) and the pace of weight loss of every patient.

There is a possibility of not losing much weight or any at all while carrying the intragastric ball, there is also the possibility of losing weight in an uncontrollable way which can be bad for your health. Don’t forget to speak to your doctor about the possibilities.

Will you gain weight again after the removal of BIG?

You will have major possibilities to maintain the weight loss after the intragastric ball is removed if you keep up the healthy habits in your diet that you picked up while having the ball inside you.

You should know:

  • It is a soft silicone ball filled with a saline solution designed to partially fill the stomach (it is introduced into the stomach and kept there for 6 months).
  • There is more of a weight loss with the ball than if you just stick to a diet.
  • The medical-dietary control is done during a year (six months with the ball inside your stomach and six months after removing it).
  • It helps people to change their eating habits and lifestyles.

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