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Diode Laser

The diode laser is a machine with an extraordinary precision built with small diodes and semiconductors that form a beam. It is applied to hair removal machines with excellent results.

The diode laser is mainly characterized by having a wavelength longer than the other options available in the market (800 nm versus 755 nm Alexandrite laser for example), so the laser penetrates more in the skin, which is particularly suitable for darker skins. It also works well for lighter skins but if the hair is thick or medium.

The light emitted by different types of diode lasers for hair removal is well absorbed by the melanin but the light absorption coefficient is smaller than the Alexandrite laser. Therefore, in order that their effectiveness is comparable, it is necessary to work with a higher flood (energy in joules / cm2).

The diode laser pulse width can be adjusted depending on the size of hair and skin color and therefore adjust long pulses to protect darker skins. It can be used up to skin phototype VI.

Advantages of the diode laser

  • As it has a longer wavelength, it penetrates the skin better and for that it is especially recommended for people with dark skin and thick hair.
  • This Longer wavelength provides deeper and safer skin penetration.
  • This type of laser benefits people with brown or black hair more than others.
  • It is especially suitable for very extent areas of the body, allowing a safe and painless treatment.

Disadvantages of the diode laser

  • It is not recommended for people with very light hair.
  • Although the potential audience for these lasers are people with dark skin, the results are not always secure as it can vary depending on the particular conditions from one person to another.

In some cases, it may cause minor burns, pain, the colour can fade and produce redness of the skin (this only happens when the laser is not being used properly or done by unqualified staff)


Fractionater CO2 Laser


This treatment solved quickly and efficiently wrinkles, acne scars and dyschromias.

It is based on getting an immediate contraction of the collagen fibers of the skin, thus improving wrinkles and correcting skin aging.

It is also a quick treatment that does not require anesthesia and can be applied to different areas such as the face, neck, chest, eyelids…

It is performed in a single session and has a quick recovery and no side effects.


Ipl Intense pulsed light 4th generation

The pulsed light equipment emits a mixed light which consists of many types of photons that travel in multiple wavelengths. The light goes in all directions and the equipment is the one to control that only one certain light goes through depending on the filter that is placed.

It is a very versatile equipment thanks to the great amount of light that we can use. Therefore we can treat a bigger range of different kinds of hair and skin. Patients with fair skin generally tend to have thinner and lighter hair. Light skin is an advantage as it makes the treatment easier and it is a safety factor.

Light hair has not got much pigment that absorbs the light emission and it is difficult to remove. It is true to say that no equipment is yet available that can guarantee light hair removal.

The intense pulsed light equipment for medical use are highly versatile and effective, they require a lot of training because of the complexity of its parameters and reaches high levels of effectiveness in permanent hair removal. This type of equipment is clearly superior light pulsed equipment in beauty salons or hair removal chains.


Candela Alexandrite

With the Alexandrita GentleLASE of Candela laser, we will say goodbye to all those techniques that have been used to remove unwanted hair from the body and face. As usually with 6-8 sessions we achieve the permanent hair removal from the desired area.

The areas that can be treated with the alexandrita laser are eyebrows, top of the nose, lips, chin, ear lobe, shoulders, back, underarm, abdomen, backside, bikini line, legs, face, neck, chest, arms, hands and feet.

Hair removal with Alexandrita laser and with a 755nm wavelength, is the best technique for hair removal for skin types I-IV and it is also one of the fastest and most powerful laser systems in the market.

This laser hair removal works like any other, using the laser’s energy to produce an intense heat which is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) of the hair to destroy the root.

As we have already mentioned, most patients need 6-8 sessions, with four to eight weeks in between each of them. After the first session, the hair in the treated area is typically reduced in quantity and thickness by an average of 20% to 30%, progressively until the end of treatment.



Lipolaser is a groundbreaking technique that corrects the excess of body volume, caused by the an accumulation of fat tissue, through a basic procedure that eliminates lipocytes and improves your skin’s condition.

It is a technique used to eliminate fat tissue that consists of the application of a laser light fibre optic that penetetrates the skin. This specific emission of laser light allows the destruction of fat tissue resulting in an important shrinking of the skin.

Lipolaser is used introducing a flexible fibre optic of a 1mm caliber trough a minor incision.

It is an effective treatment for small areas like: double chins, undersides of arms, thighs, abdomen, knees and wherever the withdrawal of excess skin gives better results.

The equipment used for liposuction by laser, also known as lipolaser, produces an effective destruction of fat tissue due to its photo-thermal effect and at the same time produces a warming effect on the area which helps form collagen on the treated zone.

Lipolaser usually requires the use of a local anaesthetic with or without sedation depending on the zone being treated. It allows for the almost immediate recovery after 24 hours. You may experience discomfort in the form of stiffness from 2 to 3 days, disappearing in less than a week. The bandage can be removed for sleeping between the 4th and 7th day. Lipolaser considerably improves the post-operative experience.

Can lipolaser be used on skin with stretch marks?

Lipolaser is ideal for carrying out major corrections on stretch marks and devitalised skin like the abdominal region after pregnancy or the inner thigh. Lipolaser offers the possibility to obtain lipo-remodeling on the more mature patient, who is more susceptible to looser skin due to a thinning of the dermis. This can be helped by the cutaneous contraction effect originated from the liberation of thermal shock proteins produced during the treatment.

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